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Chainless x2500

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The top of the range mounted balefeeder, Chainless X2500 feeds every type of round or square bale and has been proven on more bale types than any other feeder and it minimises feed waste. It’s self-loading with a patented, hands free quick hitch system, that makes connecting the feeding cradle to the headstock quicker and easier.  A new tougher drive system eliminates downtime.


1. CHAINLESS – no troublesome feed chains is a key advantage for – Reliability, lower maintenance and quieter operation, the teasing action of the rotors uses feed more economically, because it is easier for the cattle as they can eat it because it is fluffed up. The Chainless X2500 can effectively feed out any bale type in both round or square. Chainless is a virtually silent feeding operation which means stock are more comfortable.

2. SNAPLOX – The patented, auto connect/disconnect self-loading system eliminate the twisting and strain on your back need to tug on a rope to disconnect, and eliminate the chance of a smashed rear window, should an inexperienced operator forget to remove the rope when disconnecting. And it allows the feeder to be operated on a front loader, telescopic loader or skidsteer loader with ease.

3. FEED ANY BALE – The new rotor shape and bale chamber design has better penetration on tight bales, frozen bales and square bales and the shape cleans sticky bales better. A patented new Axial rotor has more grip on sloppy, rotor cut bales which makes feeding them out easier and more efficient and centralizes the bale in the feeding chamber, reducing wastage. The larger bale chamber makes it possible to feed out a wider range of bales, and makes using the X2500 very simple for operators of all skill levels and reduces the need for platform adjustment.

4. EASY CLEANING – The new Easy Clean Hypaflo wiper panel – The newly developed wiper panel that clears the hay from the rotors better. It has a new quick release latching system for releasing the panel to clean out any hay.

5. NO BUSHES – Bushes in the drive system are one of the highest causes of frustration in maintaining a bale feeder. We pleased to announce that the entire drive system on the new Chainless X2500 runs on bearings, for lowest possible maintenance, less downtime and longer service life.


Axial rotor – new photo

The addition of a new Axial Rotor with centralising paddles keeps the bale positioned in the centre of

the feeding chamber to minimise wastage and provide better grip on soft bales.

Feedout any bale – use existing X5000 photo

The Chainless X2500 is the most versatile bale feeder, it will feed out any bale round & square.

Feed control – use existing X5000 photo

Infinite variation in feed control, allows you to feed thick for cattle, thin for sheep to increase the  palatability for your stock.

Polyethylene floor – use existing X5000 photo

Hustler’s proven polyethylene platforms with ribbed design keeps bales tracking straight and with 30% less friction than steel it reduces drag on the bale which makes feeding out sticky bales easier and it will never corrode. The X2500’s platform is wider to reduce waste with sloppy bales.
Hypaflow wiper – use existing X5000 photo

The Easy Clean Hypaflo Wiper Panel minimises blockages and ensures that hay drops outside the wheel tracks to avoid being flattened into the mud. A quick release latch releases the wiper panel for easy cleaning.

Sandblasted, wet coat finish – use existing X5000 photo

New sandblasted finish and improved paint system means your new Chainless X5000 will look smarter for longer.

Quick release wiper – use existing X5000 photo

A quick release latch releases the wiper panel for easy cleaning.
QRC grips – use existing X5000 photo

Another industry first from Hustler! Quick coupling grips make connecting hoses easier and the colour coded for easy coordination.

Rotor teeth – use existing X5000 photo

Many hours of research and development have gone into the shape of the teeth to makes them clean easier, and have more aggression on tight bales. The X2500 has 5 teeth per rotor to provide extra grip on soft bales.

Loader Mounts – use existing SL360X photo

The headstock design allows for optional loader mounts to be bolted direct to the frame, allowing the feeder to be operated on a loader or telehandler. This provides hay and fuel savings when using the Chainless X2500 for feeding into bunks, TMR mixers, and hay rings.

Tynes that pierce the bale – use existing SL360X photo

We’ve used specifically designed forged bale spears which pierce the bale rather than pushing it and are longer which reduces bale sag even with the wettest of bales, another innovation from Hustler.

Dual Latches – new photo

High mounted connection latches on both sides of the feeder take the load off the cradle, which removes any load from the bale spears. This provides a more reliable, positive connection to handle the heavier bales it has been tested to handle.

Unequal Length Tynes – new photo

We’ve made one tyne longer than the other for quick and easy alignment when reconnecting the cradle. You’ll only need to line up one tyne, then back straight in.

Protected Motor – new photo

We’ve protected the motor from coming into contact with the tractor tyre, which can save you costly downtime and repairs when your tractor has short linkage arms.

Tie point for strings – new photo

We’ve included to grab bars, so you can tie the square bale strings to the platform. This save the operator having to remove the strings before feeding out.

Adjustable platform – new photo

The position of the new platform design is adjustable to suit any bale type you may need to feed out, from the worst of miss-shapen bales to the tightest packed square bales the X2500 handle them with ease.

Bushless drive – new photo

We’ve eliminated troublesome bushes from the drive system of the new X2500, this reduces maintenance, increases service life, reduces the need for frequent greasing and saves you a whole lot of frustration.

Heavy duty latches – new photo

Built to take the heaviest of bales, and last longer with less wear
Larger drives – new photo

Increase bearing, sprocket and chain drives all designed to handle heavier bales, with less to maintain.

Monoque chassis design – new photo

The new X2500 with it’s huge new monocoque chassis, is the toughest on the market and is now rated to handle 1250kg bales


Loader/Telehandler Mounts: Optional mounting bracket to suit most telehandlers, makes your X2500 more versatile.

Hydraulic diverter to suit tractors with just a single hydraulic valve and operations that want to use the X2500 on their front loader, telescopic loader or skidsteer loader

Mudguard, reduces the impact of feed being contaminated by mud and dirt from the tractor tyre
Platform extension for operators feeding 8’ long square bales

Hydraulic Toplink: Make it easy with on-the-fly toplink adjustment from the comfort of the tractor seat.


  • Bale size round: 4’ X 4’ – 6’ X 5’
  • Bale size square: all sizes up to 8’ long
  • Capacity: 1250kg
  • Capacity: 1 bale (round or square)
  • Unit weight: 800kg
  • Tractor size: 120hp +
  • Hydraulics required: 2 X double-acting, 30-60 litres/min, 2250-3000 psi
  • Loading: Snaplox Patented Self-loading



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